DWH updates

Sourcer Name now visible in different reports.

2016-02-04 thomas.unruh

The Sourcer is always connected to the 2nd level supplier.
If no sourcer ist available then its not a 2nd level supplier (PO or Product).

New landingpage and help section online!

2016-02-03 thomas.unruh

The new landing page for the Lesara DWH is online!!

Whenever you connect to the DWH you will be directed to this landingpage first. This page will provide news, updates, tips & workarounds and is also equipped with a constantly growing HELP section.

Joe, Boris and Jieying from the BI Team did an amazing job the last couple of weeks to provide you as much information as you need in the future. Simple ask us if you need help on specific topic. We are happy to provide it here for all of you.

On the right side there is a KPI documentation. This explains each KPI we are using in the DWH sorted by department. KPIs generally used are categorised in "General". Soon this will be optimized with a link to a full page with where even the formula can be looked up. Please tell us if you have more ideas and questions.

Thomas, Jieying, Boris & Joe.


Time range selection available in many charts

2016-02-03 thomas.unruh

In many charts the aggregation over time can be selected.

Attached a screenshot how the different selections look like.

Please keep in mind that the fist and last time range (if weekly or month) could be incomplete depending on your time selection.




Filter for campaign information in the Cohort Report

2016-02-03 thomas.unruh

New function in the Cohort Report making it possible to filter for the Marketing channels. The selectable filters are:

  • Channel Group
  • Source
  • Campaign

All three filters are depending on each other means if a specific channel is selected, all sources and campaigns still in the dropdown are a part of the selected channel.